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non-slip platforms

To create a functional industrial space, many specialized structural components are needed, most of which are made of steel. The production of this type of product is carried out, among others, by the Polish company Perfopol, which is extremely popular on the international market. Our rich offer includes, among others, welded and braided steel mesh, as well as a large selection of various types of corrugated and perforated sheets. Of course, the products we sell may also include non-slip platforms, which are available at very affordable prices. These non-slip platforms are made only of the highest quality stainless steel, so you can always be sure that the purchased items will last a long time in the workplace. Perfopol is constantly developing its technological facilities, and our devices include, among others, professional presses for stamping perforations on the surface of metal sheets, as well as special lasers for cutting and burning metal sheets.

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